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Three winter driving courses are held each winter:

  • Option 1 - snow chain training
  • Option 2 - theory + snow chain training
  • Option 3 - full winter driving course with theory + snow chains training + snow & ice driving

Contact Dan Gerard 027 349 2774 or email about any of the three winter driving courses. Courses usally held in Queenstown but Option 1 & Option 2 courses can be held anywhere around the lower South Island and Travel costs will be additional.

Option 1 - Snow Chain Training

Fitting, Use & Removal of Snow Chains. Allow 1-3 hours. $100 per person

Ute fitting chains 1200x300.jpgStarting with basic theory explaining reasons for chains, benefits, risks, types of chains, chain pattern (diamond & ladder), when to fit, quality of different chains, driving speed etc. Suitable for individuals or groups. Smaller groups size of 6-8 people.



Suzuki snow chains in snow.jpgTraining is fun and interactive. Every attendee will be able to fit a quick grip style chain in under a minute. Find out what chain types you prefer and what to avoid when buying chains. Anyone new to fitting chains can be competent with this expert training, however experienced chain fitters will learn tips & tricks. 





Option 2Winter Driving Theory Workshop + Snow Chain Training

Full classroom winter driving theory plus full snow chain trainign in option 1 above. Allow 3-4 hours. $250 per person


Highlands group.jpg

Ute rear in snow.jpgFor companies that have employees driving on low friction surfaces, or individuals wanting to improve confidence in ice and snow.


Classroom theory & discussion on vehicle dynamics - accelerating, abs braking, engine braking, and cornering, new car technology and vehicle features, correct use of traction aids, how to handle black ice plus winter driving best practice.


Plus reasons for loss of control, and loss of control prevention.


This is followed by a full snow chain demonstration including fitting, use & removal of snow chains. Bring your own vehicle or company vehicle and learn how to easily fit snow chains to it.


Upskill on different types of snow chains and what is best for your situation. 






Option 3 - Winter Driving Theory Workshop + Snow Chain Training + In-Vehicle Snow/Ice Driving

Classroom theory from option 2 above plus snow chain training from option 1 above - $500 1 person, $450 2+ people

Vehicles no chains.jpgFull classroom winter driving theory in Option 2 above, plus snow chain training, plus Snow/Ice driving. We'll use your own private or company vehicle. Practical driving of your vehicle up in the snow - its features, ABS braking, engine braking, acceleration, cornering, traction control, selectable 2wd v 4wd, Hi/Lo Ratio, diff lock, front wheel drive v rear wheel drive, use of the vehicle both with and without its snow chains etcLearn how to maintain control and techniques for regaining control. Gain confidence from using your snow chains in the snow and how to steer to avoid hazards. Actually use your vehicles technology and understand how to confidently drive on low friction surfaces. 

Wheel spin snow.jpgCourse Requirements:

  • The trainer must be emailed a photo of each type of snow chain 
  • Each vehicle must have snow chains checked to ensure they fit the provided vehicle

Additional Options 2 & 3 Course Requirements

  • Requires a boardroom or staff training room suitable for number of attendees & trainer. Room must have HDMI capable TV.
  • Each vehicle must have the vehicle handbook.
  • Attendees are dressed suitably in outdoor clothing such as: long pants or ski pants & ski jacket or similar
  • Ideally an undercover garage area where we can practice fitting snow chains on your work vehicles in case of rain or frost. In the event of rain it's much appreciated for all attendees.

Additional Option 3 Course Requirements 

  • Vehicles provided must be 100% road legal.
  • In-vehicle component is Weather Dependant.
  • In-vehicle component can not be held during NZ or Aus school holidays.
  • No rear wheel drive vehicles accepted unless by prior approval. Must be either 4WD or Front Wheel Drive.

A certificate of attendance will be emailed at conclusion of the course.