Street Talk Defensive Driving Course - suitable for highschool students or individuals looking to further their training and reduce full licence wait time.

Company Road Safety Defensive Driving Course - for company's wanting to reduce crash risk for staff driving company vehicles and for NZ Police/Court referrals.

Street Talk Defensive Driving Courses Queenstown

To book, email Rachael who runs this NZTA certified and approved advanced driving skills course. Participants learn skills that will reduce the likelihood of them being involved in a crash such as visual search and scanning while driving, hazard detection and risk management. The course reduces the full licence wait time by 6 months (if you are aged under 25 years of age), or by 3 months (if you are aged 25 years of age and over). The course gives participants the tools required to drive defensively for life.

This course is 9 hours in duration and includes:

  • 4 classroom sessions (2 hours each)
  • 1 in-car practical drive session

To successfully complete this course you need to attend all four sessions in the correct order and the one hour practical drive. The practical drive is the perfect full licence pre-test refresher and we cover hazard detection and response which is in the full licence test.  The practical drive needs to be taken within 8 weeks of session 4. At the completion of your practical drive we will sign off your completed Street Talk logbook and issue you with a certificate as proof of course completion. The defensive driving course is open to anyone on their restricted or full licence

Whakatipu High School Students (ONLY)

Rachael runs the Street Talk defensive driving course for up to 16 students once each term from the school boardroom. Details of the next course dates/times and costs are posted on the WHS Trade Careers newsletter each term. If you wish to attend a course please check that the dates and times suit you before emailing Rachael with your name, your mobile number and the email address you'd like the invoice sent to. Payment for the invoice confirms your place on the course!


Private Courses

Cost $300 per person for minimum 5 people.

Rachael can run the course for you at a workplace or home address, providing there is adequate seating and an HDMI TV she can use for the powerpoint presentation.

She is happy to work out dates and times that suit you within the required course framework. Note: The price quoted is for courses run withing the Whakatipu Basin.


Contact Rachael to book -



Company/Adult Safe Drive Course

This course can be run for company employees, or we often deliver it as a bespoke one-on-one course for individuals. We have designed a bespoke road safety defensive driving course for adult drivers, specifically for the Otago roads. This course was developed for our local driving conditions and with thorough analysis of NZTA crash statistics. This advanced driver course drills into driver attitudes, search & scanning techniques, hazard identification, driver fatigue, risky driver behaviour and risk tolerance, crash causes, crash statistics, hazard perception. There is also a section on road rules and information on vehicle features such as ABS brakes.

This course is interactive, thought provoking and involves participation, such as discussing crash experiences, near crashes etc. This course is open to anyone with a New Zealand Restricted or Full Drivers Licence. This course is also open to individuals or groups and those who have been referred to us as part of the Courts / NZ Police Diversion Scheme.

OUR BACKGROUND - We have called on a lot of industry experience to develop this course. Dan is a commercial bus driver, former driver licence testing officer and we are both NZTA Qualified driving instructors and members of the New Zealand Institute of Driver Educators. In short the goal with our workshops is to create a fun environment where attendees update the road rules and re-learn to be safer drivers, and make safer driving decisions. This course is aimed to reduce crash risk for everyone, including staff who drive company vehicles on urban and rural roads, and when performing low speed manourvres such as parking. There will be a certificate for attendees stating that they have attended the advanced driving course run by an NZTA certified instructor.

If you have been referred by the NZ Police, are referred by the Courts on the Police Diversion program or just want to improve your skills and awareness, this course is for you. It will teach you improved hazard awareness improve your driving skills for life.

Duration - Allow 2.5 hours.

Location - We hold the course at your home or business premises in a meeting/board room or or similar.


1 or 2 people $300 inc gst per person 

Groups 3-9 $250 inc gst per person


Resources (for individuals) - Bring a pen, snack and water

Resources (for groups) We will bring a laptop for the presentation which will need to be displayed on a large screen. In terms of resources we require the following:

  • White board (we can bring this)
  • Large TV with HDMI input
  • If no TV is available we will need a room with a light coloured wall suitable for projecting onto (We will bring a data projector) 
  • Seating around tables for the number of attendees
  • Attendees to each bring a pen
  • Water or refreshments
  • An email in advance with attendees first and last names (correct spelling for printed certificates)

If the large tv or data projector can’t be provided, please notify us at time of booking. We will assume in that there is a suitable wall to project onto unless told otherwise. 

In-vehicle assessment (Add on) - We can also do an in-vehicle employee advanced driving assessment. These are 45 minutes and designed to further reduce crash risk, vehicle wear and tear and increase fuel efficiency. Coaching and a written report is included. Further training may be recommended if required. This one-on-one driver assessment can be done at any time and can be done separately from the group course. $195.50 inc gst per person.

Booking - A twenty percent deposit may be required when booking and the balance due within seven days of the course. We could hold the course out of town but would add on a travel charge to cover our travel time and fuel which is $85 inc gst per hour plus standard per km rate. To register a group for this course call or email Rachael: